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These Wreaths are newly made and ready for sale. 

I am in love with nature and try to use as much natural hand-picked materials as I can. The lichens I use, have been preserved to keep them plump and fresh. 


Modern Cabin Wreath    $45.00                 13"


Made with the help of this Mule Deer Shed (the shed is a natural process where antlers drop off). In addition to the shed acorn caps, ribbon and alder cones.



Peacock Wreath    $65.00                 21"


This beauty displays the unique "eye" of the graceful peacock feather (No birds were harmed) and combined along with eucalyptus, ribbon and pine cones. The aroma is said to be calming and healthful.



Rustic Wreath    $45.00                           15"


This double shed of a White Tail Deer is the perfect addition to any rustic styled decor. Letharia vulpina (pine lichen, Hupogymnia imshaugii lichen, pine cones, alder cones and a buffalo print ribbon make up this wreath.




Easter Wreath $ 45.00                         21"


What a perfect addition to your Easter Festivities. These artificial, eggs in soft colors of spring look especially beautiful with tiny flowers and a glistening bow.  Give as a hostess gift or to your Church.