Stunning and Unique Wedding Centerpieces

Our display at the 2020 Bridal Fest, Spokane Convention Center. We were so widely acclaimed as one of the best non-floral centerpiece  ever displayed.

Your Reception will be 


We will make custom centerpieces to match your colors and theme. Each table will be a one-of-a-kind piece of art. 


On display at the Bridal Festival were these beautiful Centerpieces. Read below why we think these centerpieces are a perfect alternative to cut flowers.


Wedding Centerpieces

An alternative to a floral centerpiece

Don't get us wrong, we love real flowers - we have a huge garden ourselves. But sometimes they can be a bit intrusive in the middle of a table.

* Forever Flower Centerpieces :

    * Will never wilt, fade, or die.

    * Will not prevent guests from seeing others on the other side of the table.

    *Can be used as gifts to the wedding party or special guests.

    *Are non-allergenic.

    *Often Forever Flowers cost less than cut flowers.

    *Are a value for you investment.

Conversations. Cut flower centerpieces can obstruct conversations, leaving guests to peak around the bouquet to visit. Even the tall vases can still prevent a clear line of sight for visiting.

It’s More than a Centerpiece, it is Value for your investment.

Because Forever Flowers Centerpieces will not fade or wilt to be discarded in a few days, they become something you own for years to come. After the ceremony,  Forever Flowers Centerpieces can become a gift to the wedding party or special guests as a remembrance of your special day.* On the back of each centerpieces is a hook that can be used to hang the flower inside or outside, displayed on a plate stand, on an trellis, or planted in the garden on one of our specially designed “stems”.

Uniquely and Individually hand made to fit any wedding theme; Black Tie, Beachy, Western, Cinderella’s Glass Slipper, Wilderness, Winter, Fall, Spring, Summer, Hip, Rainbow, Heritage or European. We will create one-of-a-kind pieces of art you will love.

Forever Flowers are fragrance free. Some guests will thank you immensely.

*Only available with purchase, not with rental.

And  here is another unique idea for a

Forever Flower Centerpiece:

Heritage Centerpieces - Everlasting Love

Remember Grandmother’s favorite china that is no longer used? It brings back such sweet memories of visits, home cooking and her love. These treasures can become part of your wedding that will warm the heart and pay tribute to your heritage. We will create beautiful centerpieces from your own special pieces, complemented with pieces from our collection. Each piece will be unique and beautiful.

20190801_155757 (1).jpg

Forever Flowers Centerpiece Price List

             Size                             Rental/Each      Purchase/Each

   Small-up to 12”          $14.95                  $39.95

  Medium 13”- 16”       $29.95                   $69.95

   Large 17” or more     $49.95                   $98.95



Complimentary Forever Flowers Centerpieces

with purchase:

1 complimentary centerpiece with purchase of 5-8 centerpieces

2 complimentary centerpiece with purchase of 9-15 centerpieces

3 complimentary centerpiece with purchase of 16 - + centerpieces


Deposit: Upon approval of the first centerpiece, a deposit of 50% of the order will be required.


Pricing for Heritage Centerpieces is 1/3 off the purchase price listed above.


To ensure that we can make the most spectacular Forever Flower Centerpieces for your Wedding, we request 4 months advance notice, but there are always exceptions.