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Display your Forever Flowers in your garden on our own designed  "Stem". We created this garden art display for easy hanging your flower and the shelf ensures your flower looks up at you instead of the ground.

Chose a place in the yard where you would like to plant your "flower". Let it stand on its own to display its unique design, or place it among other flowers to add to the ambiance. In 2 easy steps, you will be ready to relax and enjoy.


Simply slip the stem over a 1/2 inch rebar that has been driven into the ground about one foot.

DSC01759 (2).JPG
DSC01758 (2).JPG


Next, using the swivel hook on the back of your flower, slip it into the hook. Should you wish, you may squeeze the hook a bit for added security. The positioning tab will now cause your flower to tilt up, thus giving optimum viewing pleasure. Enjoy