We are the Baxter sisters, Carol and Louise.

No we are not nuns, but loving sisters who live together; enjoying adventures together.


We grew up in Bellevue, Washington and both graduated from Bellevue High School. Now retired, we found a passion in making flowers by repurposing glassware, china, porcelain, and just about anything you might find in the kitchen sink (except cleaner). The idea was not original but we decided to see what we could do. We found we are really good at it.


Louise’s field was science and taught for 43 years at the high school and college level. She has a doctorate in Biology Education, but I don’t have to call her doctor. She had a hidden talent for creativity that came out periodically and we seized it once she retired.


I (Carol), had my interests in the arts from my youth, but my main endeavor was in the travel industry and raising my four children. I did craft and art projects on the side for years, so when the flowers from plates came into view I was all too eager to try.


When we first started, out the company was named Classical Earth Creations because I also did gourd art, and made wreaths mostly out of all natural items like muscle shells, pods, and lichen. But as we created more and more flowers, we decided to put the focus on our Flowers. I still do gourd art and make wreaths, but my passion is the Forever Flowers.


So that’s our story for now. We hope you enjoy visiting our website. And remember to stop and smell the flowers – not ours- they don’t smell, but we’re working on it.


Carol of the Baxter Sisters.

The Journey Started in California

Our first show was a bit sloppy with table clothes that would not iron out and a venue that was not suited for art.

We tried that scene twice then moved on to going directly to a few shops and did well.


We found our niche at the art fair in Rancho Bernardo. We were such a hit we could hardly keep up with the sales . We were even interviewed by a film crew.

20190621_145041 (1).jpg
20190426_180025 (1).jpg

Moving again meant starting all over with finding the right venue. Our first try was an antique show. Not quite right. On to the next venture - the street fairs. We even made a pretend garden to show show  our flowers on stems. This was a great idea and we used this setting until a strong wind came along at one show and blew the whole garden display down. We only lost  three flowers but decided not to use the garden again.


After a summer of trial we think we have this next year figured out and we are starting a new venture - Wedding Centerpieces. They have been a big hit thus far.

20200111_101214 (2).jpg